I have placed a note beside each image on the site indicating print availability.

Ready to hang, these images:
* are printed on archival metallic paper,
* are mounted on 1/8" aluminum,
* with a 1/8" acrylic face mount,
* have attached French cleats for hanging.

The presentation is simple and elegant.

I was truly astounded when I saw the first prints done on metallic paper. I had been skeptical, thinking it might be too gimmicky and/or extreme. But the effect is subtle, since you don't consciously notice it unless you look for it, but the colors and details are so rich and crisp I was sold right away. This is the first time I've ever felt that the prints look better than the screen.

Size is 12X15" unless otherwise indicated. All are presented as limited editions of 10. That does not mean they were printed at the same time. It means after ten of a single image are sold, that picture is sold out.

$210 plus shipping

Please contact me here for inquiries or questions.

French cleat - attach first piece to wall. Second piece is
already affixed to the print.